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Hauwa was introduced to Sesor by a friend and neighbor when things were very hard for her family. This mother of 7 from Gombe state has been with Sesor for about 4 years. She presently sells roasted groundnut for a living, packaged in bottles and tied in nylons which she displays around her vicinity in Lekki scheme 2.

A very cheerful woman with a ready smile. On the day I went to talk to her she was getting her groundnut ready for frying/roasting. She wasn’t exactly feeling so good that day but she said “my little ones have to eat” in reply to my asking her to get some rest.


In a week she said she makes about N5000 – N7000 from sales of the groundnuts, but this isn’t what she wants to do. Previously, she sold provisions but fell on hard times, with her husband out of job for a long time and she having to carry the family alone, it was not long before they ate off the provisions meant for sale, and she had no choice than to take to selling groundnuts.

I noticed that Hauwa's youngest child

was neither walking nor speaking, the little girl who should be about 3 or 4 years old was crawling around and drooling like a newborn. It was disheartening to see. I asked Hauwa if they had been to the hospital and she said there was no money for that but the child was receiving herbal treatment. She didn’t know what they were treating. I told her they needed medical attention not herbs because deep down I knew it was cerebral palsy, but I wasn’t going to be the person to break that kind of news to her, I’m not a medical doctor, where would I start explaining to her from?

It now dawned on me why she was always looking exhausted

It now dawned on me why she was always looking exhausted, caring for a special needs kid is tiring enough, then add the fact that you don’t know what exactly is wrong with your child.. double trouble. Anyway, we encouraged her to take her daughter to a hospital so the doctors can have a look and direct her on how to care for the child. Believe me, it took a lot of convincing before she heeded the advice, but thank goodness she did… Is it now easier? No! But the fact that she has a bit of knowledge on the ailment is comforting for both her family and us. Knowledge is indeed power.


Hauwa desires to see her younger children return to school and at least become educated. Her eldest children have long dropped out of school to take on little businesses that would fetch money to support their mother and themselves.


We can say without a benefit of the doubt that this woman is indeed resilient as she has shouldered responsibilities that could easily break some.

May 2024


Wellness Programme

GOAL : 1000 $

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Flood Relief

GOAL : 5000 $

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