Emergency Relief & Rehabilitation

1.             Survival and Health:  We provide much needed food and sanitation supplies such as rice, maize, beans; potable water; soap and other sanitary items, clothing etc. to displaced persons in camps and other settlements which helps to combat hunger, malnutrition and other diseases and we have provided these for over 1800 displaced persons in 7 states in Nigeria – roughly 57% of those displaced were children and young people.

2.             Improved Access to Education:  Supporting displaced children as they go back to school within their host communities through paying school fees directly to schools (where applicable) and other monies to cover other school-related costs such as transport, books, school supplies and uniforms.

3.             Livelihood Support: Small-scale grants to help displaced artisans, small scale traders and resettled farmers start afresh will help to support livelihoods, restore dignity and reduce dependence on charity and handouts.


4.             Psychosocial Support: Sesor is working with a number of professionals and partners to pilot psychosocial support services for displaced persons to help them heal and grow stronger.

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