Sesôr visits displaced persons from Chibok

Kuje 15 March 2015 Many thanks to those who supported our relief visit to Kuje, Federal Capital Territory over the weekend.

On Saturday, we went with the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to visit displaced persons from Chibok who had taken refuge with various settlements around the Kuje area (Abuja @ 30 as it is famously called) in the Federal Capital Territory.

The Sesôr team with Ag. Director, Rehabilitation and Relief Services, Racheal Alikali at the FEMA Office before heading out to Kuje

It was a beautiful yet poignant day!  We took along food items, clothing and school supplies and provided relief for about 300 displaced persons. We went to give and instead were inspired and blessed by the quiet strength, dignity and sense of humour of these amazing survivors from Chibok. We are yet to visit another camp where there was so much laughter and hope even in the midst of so much loss as this one.

We celebrate new life and the arrival of 1-week old Baby J. Her mother is somewhere in the backgorund.
The 'camp' leader receives food items on behalf of those in need
The ‘camp’ leader receives food items on behalf of those in need

We met Asabe and Fidelis, a young girl and boy who both want to be doctors when they grow up. We met 1-week old Baby J who was born while her mother was on the run from Boko Haram (a number of the displaced had returned to Chibok to farm after hearing that the Nigerian Army was beating BH back but were attacked again). It is not yet safe for them to go back home.

We met another woman whose 2 nieces are among those who were abducted by BH last April.

Two children receiving school supplies on behalf of the children
Nike and Mr Isa of FEMA viewing donated relief materials
Nike and Mr Isa of FEMA viewing donated relief materials

The driver who took us to the settlement was so overwhelmed that he went into his car and wept silently for our brothers, sisters and children who have suffered so much.

While our hearts wept for the suffering of so many, we were inspired by their sense of humour and their hope for better days ahead even as they spoke of the need for support to rebuild their lives and their desire to get back to their farms and other businesses as quickly as possible.

Sesôr salutes the courage, strength, quiet dignity, faith and sense of humour of these amazing survivors. There were many moments of joy and jokes… inspiring!

Many thanks to our individual and corporate supporters, The Grooming Centre & Vee Global Concepts who made the trip possible. Special thanks to our volunteers for coming out and to Ahmed Magem who went all the way to Kuje with us! It was a wonderful day… but there is more work to do.

For further information, please contact:

Jasmine Asekome,, +234 1 342 6655; +234 705 800 3071

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