Sesor Visits Displaced People in Lekki, Lagos

MONDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2015: Sesor team members visited the Lekki branch of the missionary church that has been hosting hundreds of displaced persons in Lagos and donated materials to survivors of Boko Harams activities in the north. The materials included clothing, food items and sanitary items for the women. One of the suitcases contained blazers and button down shirts donated by Mai Atafo Inspired and the looks of delight on their faces as they tried on these unexpected garments was fantastic.

Trying on their new clothes
The joy of new clothes donated by Mai Atofo Inspired



Sesor also registered 62 children who have a desire to return to school and several men and women who would like help in order to gain funds to start small businesses in order to become self-sufficient once more.

Sesor team member collecting names for Educational Support Programmes



Sesor Executive Director handing over relief materials to an Elder.

Sesôr’s three tiered approach to Emergency Relief (Preparedness, Relief, Rehabilitation,) puts a particular emphasis on sustainable rehabilitation as it is in this stage that survivors of emergencies begin to heal, regain their independence and a sense of dignity. We are currently seeking partners and individuals to assist in piloting our Livelihood Support Programme that will allow survivors to not only live but thrive in spite of their physical, emotional or financial trauma.

EYN rep-001
Relief Materials


Simon (name changed to protect his identity) told his story of fleeing from Makalama, trekking through the bush for several days to get to a place where he could beg a ride to Yola.  When he arrived at Yola he was one of the fortunate ones in that he was able to find his brother who had also fled Makalama. Together they worked and begged in order to get enough money to leave Yola and head to Lagos in the hopes of finding a better situation for themselves. Today they are both Okada riders sharing the same bike, trading off mornings and evenings in order to make enough money to eke out an existence in an unfamiliar territory. When we asked him if he could see himself doing any other work he responded with a desire to do business, office work or join the army.





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