Guess Who Came Out to Support IDPs in Lekki?!

On Friday May 20, Viacom International Media Networks team (think MTV Base, Nickelodeon, BET, Comedy Central, etc) came to have their annual Community Day service (part of an international Viacom event) at a community in Lekki which has some displaced persons!
The not-so-sunny morning was spent cleaning and clearing some communal areas around where some of the IDPs call home. Some of the displaced also joined in! The children were not left out either as Viacom community volunteers taught them the importance of daily hand washing, with each child displaying impressive hand washing skills! It was a lot of sweat, fun and work work work! See pictures below:
Arriving the settlement
Getting acquainted
Some of the displaced women present
Viacom’s Senior Creative Director, Katung Aduwak, addressing the IDPs alongside the IDP settlement representative
Selfie time!
Work! Work! Work!


Hand washing practical lesson for the children led by one of the Viacom’s representatives
Items donated by Viacom
Items donated by Viacom

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  1. This is certainly a good and heart-warming photo-op that Sesor put together for Viacom. Shows the soft and caring side to their business. I hope this gives rise to a lasting and sustainable relationship for good.

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