Educational Support for IDPs: Hope for the Children


We are pleased to announce that Mend a Life and Home Initiatives, a Foundation based in Lagos has placed 29 students (aged between 11-20) in a primary/secondary school with boarding facilities in Lagos in partnership with Sesor and Church of the Brethren in Lagos. The co-educational school provides feeding, clothing, sport facility, health care and a place of worship as well as comfortable dormitory rooms and mattresses for them to sleep on.

On September 24th, members of the Sesôr team alongside some members of the Church of the Brethren Lagos, escorted 19 students -16 males and 3 females- to the school. The proprietress, Mrs Mojola, welcomed everyone warmly as the children began to get excited and acquainted with their new home.

Having introduced everyone, the Executive Director of Sesôr, Ier Jonathan-Ichaver, thanked the Foundation for their immense generosity and noted that Sesôr and the Church of the Brethren are officially putting the children in the care of the school to continue their education. The proprietor then addressed everyone and expressed her joy at being a supporter of humanitarian work by giving these children the opportunity to be educated. She then handed forms to all 19 students to fill while classifying them into their appropriate classes.

After they had all completely filled their forms with supervision from a teacher and their guardian Mr Yakubu*, uniforms and sports wear were handed to each of them. Their faces beamed with joy as their appearance changed even as they were trying on their new apparel. The three girls were completely transformed and joy shone on their faces at being given this renewed chance at education in their new home city.

Having fit into their uniforms, all 19 children gathered for a photo session with the Sesôr team, the church members and the school staff present before being escorted to their respective dormitory. The boys were first taken to theirs and they marvelled at the miraculous turn of events for them all. They were shown their beds and wardrobes by the proprietor and were told that this place would be their new home, not just for education but for skill acquisition, psychological recovery and socialization.

Songs of worship and praise of thanksgiving were sang as everyone clapped and danced for joy, beaming unguardedly as, to the guardian and the church members, it was a dream come true. A prayer was rendered to appreciate the joyous day and the new life the children were about to begin.

Sesôr contributed food items such as yams, rice, beans, noodles, spaghetti, vegetable oil, salt and maggi, tomato paste and toiletries such as detergent, bathing soap, disinfectant and sanitary items, to the school and promised to continually support the school, especially the children, with their immediate needs from time to time. Sesor also donated ₦350,000 for their upkeep.

An additional 10 students have been relocated to the school since that time and both Sesôr and the faith based organisation have visited the students who are all settling down well and have started classes.

Both Sesôr and Mend a Life and Home Initiatives still need additional funds to continue to provide educational and psychosocial support for these, and many other displaced students. For more information and to support our work please contact Jasmine on



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