About Us

Sesôr means ‘we will repair’ in Tiv (a language spoken by about 6 million people in Benue State in Nigeria) and was founded in 2009.

Ier Jonathan-Ichaver was inspired to found Sesôr after her family and her village in the Nyiev-Tiev community in Benue was badly affected by violent conflict with another community in 2009. Sesôr went on to provide relief materials such as food and clothing to affected villagers.

Registered in 2010 with the CAC, Sesôr works to empower survivors of emergencies for a better life in the following ways:

  • providing relief materials during emergencies and advocating for survivors of emergencies;
  • supporting rehabilitation of survivors and their families.

Sesôr’s Vision:
To empower and equip Nigerians through and for emergencies so they come out stronger and build back better.

Sesôr has provided support to over 2000 internally displaced persons since inception through:

  1. donating relief materials to survivors of farmer-herder crises who are internally displaced in Benue, Plateau and Taraba States;
  2. donating relief materials to survivors of Boko Haram attacks in Adamawa, FCT, Gombe and Lagos States;
  3. advocating for more support for internally displaced persons through its ‘Survivors on the Run’ Report which featured on sabinews.com in December 2014 under the title ‘Do they know it’s Christmas? Nigeria and her refugees’ and through other media such as Inspiration FM, ThisDay, The Daily Independent etc;
  4. donated relief materials to flood survivors in Makurdi (2012);
  5. provided educational support for 151 pupils in Kwande (2011);
  6. provided emergency relief to over 50 families affected by communal conflict in Kwande, Benue (2010).

Sesôr also provides internship opportunities for students and graduates to gain work experience in the non-profit sector. Since December 2013, we have provided such opportunities for 5 students from 4 Universities in Nigeria.